Basketball is a game played between two teams of five players in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through a netted hoop fixed above each end of the court. It is important to improve individual skills that help you maintain possession of the ball to help your team gain more points when advancing towards net. Coordination and accuracy are essential.
Equipment/Space Needed:
  • A basketball (or something you can use as a ‘ball’, could be a ball of paper, a tennis ball, a ‘sock’ ball, anything you have on hand)

  • Basketball net with or without a backboard (or anything you can use to shoot into, like a laundry basket, garbage can, bucket, or pail)

1-2 Dribble

100 points

This activity involves dribbling sequences (front/back crossover, side-dribbling, figure-8). Repeat passes from hand to hand about 10-20 times each.                                          

Materials Needed:
  • 1-2 Bouncing balls (preferably basketballs)

Additional Tips:
  • Keeps your eyes up, rather than gluing them to the ball.

  • Look around and feel a sensation for how the basketball is moving and in your control.

  • Posture is critical to strong ball handling skills, and while the chest stays low, the back and shoulders should stay straight and the player should stay alert to any surroundings.

  • Remember, practice makes progress!

Challenge Zone:
  • Try these blindfolded!

Highlight Reel:
  • Add a second ball.

Hot Shot

100 points

Take ten (10) individual shots from different spots ranging from 10-15 feet away from the basket. No repeat shot spots! Each shot spot must be different than the last. Check how your shooting percentage may range. Submit your best shooting percentage!

Choose Your Challenge:
  • 10-30%: 1-3 Shot(s) made – Try again!

  • 40-70%: 4-7 Shots made (including if bounced off the Rim)

  • 80-100%: 8-10 Shot(s) made – Great job!

Challenge Zone:
  • WITH an actual basketball net: Can you match your best shooting percentage from a seated position?

  • WITHOUT an actual basketball net: Can you match your best shooting percentage by placing your “basket” at a different height?

Highlight Reel:
  • Make a successful trick shot! (Ideas: shoot backwards, or off the wall and in!)

Pylon Shuffle

100 points

Without a ball, begin at one cone and assume a low position and 1) shuffle sideways 2) back pedal, 3) stutter-step forward to every cone. When you reach the fourth cone, return back to the first cone by retracing your path. Begin this drill slowly, focusing on keeping your hips low and square and moving your feet smoothly.

Materials Needed:
  • Four Pylons (substitute sock, water bottle, anything you can use as a marker), place the pylons 5ft apart.

Additional Tips:
  • Stay in a low, active, stance.

  • Eyes forward and not looking down at your feet.

Challenge Zone:
  • Playing with Letters (i.e., U.N.O.). If you add one more pylon, what letter/pattern/shape did you make?

  • What fourth movement can you change/add-in next between pylons?

  • Add in dribbling a basketball.