Stickball Games

Stick Ball Games (Hockey, Lacrosse, Broomball, Baseball, etc.) Many popular modern-day sports descend from and resemble games played by various Indigenous communities throughout Turtle Island. Rules for these games were decided on the day prior and brought together many communities. Generally, there was no out-of-bounds, and the ball could not be touched by hand. Our ancestors would maintain their well-being by honouring creation and their gifts through this good medicine, playing from sun-up until sun-down utilizing the natural life that surrounded them such as rocks, trees, and animals.
Equipment/Space Needed:
  • Targets

  • Stick of choice

  • Ball of choice

  • Something to mark your spots

  • A net or goal borders

Shot Accuracy

100 points

Prepare 5 targets. Round one: Take one (1) shot at each target from at least ten (10) feet away. Round two: Increase the distance away from your target and take a second shot towards each one. Check the ranges to see your accuracy percentage. Submit your best percentage of targets hit.

Choose Your Challenge:
  • 10-30%: 1-3 Target(s) Hit – Try again!

  • 40-70%: 4-7 Targets Hit – You’re getting the hang of it!

  • 80-100%: 8-10 Targets Hit – Great job!

Challenge Zone:
  • Hit your targets while in motion (like while running, skating or falling).

Highlight Reel:
  • Show us your best trick shot!

Double Ball

100 points

After creating your own doubleball, find a stick or branch that feels comfortable to hold and shoot your double ball with. Some sticks have a slight hook at the end that you may like better for releasing a shot. Shoot the double ball from shoulder height, parallel with the ground and ending your throw facing your stick end towards your target. Single point for hitting your target, double points for wrapping it around your target. Start standing 3-5 feet away. Inrease your distance and try to do three points in a row! 

Materials Needed:
  • Tube Sock

  • Three elastics

  • Two soft bouncy balls

  • A stick/branch, an upright post (for example: an open based tree, basement pole, etc.)

Choose Your Challenge:
  • What’s the furthest distance reached while hitting your target?

Highlight Reel:
  • Pass and catch with a partner, and/or invite more to join in and play a game with four (2v2) or more people!

Drill Creator

100 points

Show us your own “stickball” drill design by you! It must involve at least four important skills and/or sections.

Like any sport, the best way to master your skills is to practice! But where do you begin? Drills usually focus on skills such as agility, balance, and coordination needed to play different sporting activities. Various stickball games may be played anywhere from the ground level up. Consider that and any basics involved when controlling the ball from, around, and/or between other objects when stick handling, throwing, passing, or shooting.

Choose Your Challenge:
  • Design, explain, and demonstrate your own drill (100 points)

Challenge Zone:
  • Perform your own drill at game speed. Invite someone to test it out!

Highlight Reel:
  • Show us your fastest timed drill completed with a BIG FINISH (Score! Sprint Hard!). Invite a challenger!