Animal Calls

250 points

Let’s hear them. Do an animal call of your choice: goose, moose, duck, loon, etc. Upload a video of your animal call for points.

Shout with your body

250 points

DANCE, SING, or make up an encouraging CHEER! You can sing, use instruments (or anything you have around the house that makes noise) and perform any type of dance you would like (i.e. PowWow, ballet, breakdance, tap dance, jig, etc.). Be creative and have fun!

Wellness Warrior

250 points

Submit a motivational quote regarding health/wellness/sport. You can also shout out a #ThankYou to whoever inspires you to be healthy and active. Whether that’s a coach, parent, sibling, someone in your community or a role model you admire. Share how they motivate you and what you admire about them.