Want to participate in more activities and earn even more points? Check out these bonus activities that touch on all aspects of wellness. Complete and upload for points. Bring out your inner #wellnesswarrior and activate your wellness today.

Cooking Creations

100 points

Share a photo something of something nourishing you baked/cooked with your family 

Let’s Get Social!

100 points

Follow us on social media for more challenges. There will be one social media challenge posted per day of the Games.

Shout with your body

100 points

DANCE, SING, or make up an encouraging CHEER! You can sing, use instruments (or anything you have around the house that makes noise) and perform any type of dance you would like (i.e. PowWow, ballet, breakdance, tap dance, jig, etc.). Be creative and have fun!

Habit Builder

100 points

Share a photo of a healthy habit (wellness, cooking, etc.).

Sacred Elements Scavenger Hunt

100 points

Find 2 things from each category, take a picture and post it. 

Materials Needed:
  • Earth – Tree (Birch, Maple. Pine, Cedar, Evergreen).

  • Air – Picture of sky, clouds, balloon, the moon, stars, activities to calm yourself (breathing in, meditating, etc.).

  • Fire – campfire, match, candles, Your passion (reading, writing, making music, exercising, cooking, running, etc.).

  • Water – Frozen lake.