Welcome to the Games

Aanii / Boozhoo / She:kon / Sge:no / Wachay / Shekoli / Tansi / Kwey / Greetings!

Welcome to the 2021 Well Nation Virtual Games, hosted by Indigenous Sport & Wellness Ontario (ISWO).

On behalf of ISWO’s Board of Directors and staff, we’re so happy that you are here visiting virtually and taking part in this fun, family-friendly event.

The Well Nation Virtual Games were developed to provide Indigenous youth, families and community members with an opportunity to be physically active, come together as a family and as a community, and have fun, while keeping safe. 

We know that COVID-19 has been hard on everyone; it’s taken away opportunities to play sport, to compete against your peers, and to be a part of something larger than yourself. With both the 2020 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) and 2020/21 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) postponed, ISWO wanted to do something to give people the chance to come together through sport. 

The Well Nation Virtual Games are intended for all ages and abilities; we welcome you to join with your families – invite your cousins, your aunties, your Elders, your grandmothers and grandfathers, your siblings and your friends – to have fun and challenge yourselves. 

Welcome Message from the President


Welcome to the 2021 Well Nation Virtual Games!  We’re excited that you are participating and wish you and your families a fun and rewarding experience.

ISWO has always been about community and wellness, and although COVID has challenged us in so many ways, and disrupted lives, I’m amazed and thankful at how communities have come together to support each other. During these uncertain times, ISWO has shifted from basketball tournaments, multi-sport camps, major Games and NAIG tryouts, to providing online programming for youth and adults, supporting community initiatives through micro-grants, and getting food, PPE, clothing, sport equipment and personal hygiene supplies, to families and communities in need. We’ve all had to pivot and change the way we do things – we’ve all had to adapt. One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to supporting community wellness. We are grateful for the many partners, organizations, communities and funders that have worked with us in collaboration over the past year to help make things a little easier for families and communities going through challenging times. Chi-miigwetch for all of the continued support, enthusiasm, generosity and good wishes. Special thanks to the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries for supporting the 2021 Well Nation Virtual Games. 

The Well Nation Virtual Games are meant to be a fun activity, to do with your friends, family and loved ones. So, take part, be active, and enjoy the moments! Looking forward to once again hosting in-person programming across Ontario for our youth, families and communities, once we are able to safely do so.


Marc Laliberte

President, Indigenous Sport & Wellness Ontario