How to Participate

The first step is to make sure that you are registered. Once you’ve registered, you can participate in as many activities as you would like. To participate, simply complete the activities of your choice, and upload a video or photograph illustrating your participation to earn points. The more activities you complete, the more points you will earn. The total number of points you have will be showcased in your profile.

You will also have a chance to earn bonus points; you can visit the bonus points section of the website, to see what bonus challenges you may like to complete. 

You have up until Thursday March 25, at 11:59pm to submit your photos and videos. Please note that you can only submit once for each activity.

You can see who’s in the lead for each category by checking out the leaderboard. Additional prizes for the top points earned, in each age category, will be awarded at the close of the Games. Please note that each participant (or member of your family participating) must have a completed registration on file. 

The Well Nation Virtual Games are about having fun, trying new things and getting active. So, have fun, don’t worry too much about your performance and just encourage each other to do your best!