Before you Begin

Like any sporting event or activity, it’s important to ensure that you are being safe while participating. Please ensure that you are following the COVID-19 public health guidelines in your local area and region when participating in the Well Nation Virtual Games. You can do these activities in your home, outside in your backyard or in a public space, like a park. 

Here are some additional safety recommendations to ensure a fun and safe Games experience:

  • Shoes are recommended during performance to protect your feet, especially if running, jumping, etc.
  • Supervision is required; get permission from parents before setting up any activity up or using household items to participate.
  • Follow video instructions provided for each activity before attempting yourself. 
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Dress for the weather if you’re participating in activities outdoors.
  • Be aware of the space, items and people around you, especially as some of the activities might involve slap shots, or batting practice, etc. 
  • Know your limits. Take a break if you need one. 

ISWO has also provided a media waiver, participant waiver, privacy policy and terms of use for you to review, prior to completing your registration. Make sure you are aware of how your photos or videos may be used, and how ISWO stores or uses your information.

Most importantly, be safe and have fun!